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Despite the common misconception to the contrary, it is possible to become addicted to marijuana. When that happens, it can have serious effects on your life, your relationships, and your livelihood. Thankfully, our marijuana addiction treatment team in King of Prussia, PA is here to help you recover.

Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

Due to its prevalence in popular culture, most people are familiar with the signs of cannabis use. However, they may not be as aware of the signs that someone is struggling:

Failing to quit using
Using more than intended
Using in high-risk situations
Spending a lot of time using
Social & relationship problems
Needing to use more at once
Using despite symptoms

Side Effects of Marijuana Addiction

Watching for warning signs is crucial to any addiction. Early treatment can help prevent long-term or serious health effects, such as:

Birth defects
Anxiety disorders
Sleep disorders
Learning disabilities
Respiratory illness

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