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Mary Bordic

Armada has dramatically enhanced every aspect of my life in an incredibly short amount of time! This comprehensive program includes everything from in-depth but understandable scientific information and education about addiction and the recovery process to couples and family sessions/support, practical solutions to every day struggles and an openness to sobriety approaches other than AA. The small group sizes inspire an environment of sharing, non-judgment and unison. The closeness built during group sessions carries over outside the 4 walls and I truly believe I've begun the development of what will be life-long supportive and healthy relationships. Enough can't be said about the top-notch counselors. They keep the group motivated and the individual strong. I highly recommend North Star to anyone who may be struggling with addiction.

Mitch Hoke

Armada treatment center was definitely the best outpatient program that i’ve been through. Compared to the other outpatient places i’ve been to, a couple things that really stood out to be during my journey was their attention to the patient and their care and the knowledge, willingness, and compassion that they showed during each individual and group session. The therapists and doctor there are the best i’ve had.

Conor Lee

This program changed my life. I had been through months of PHP in Phoenixville and was depressed and had barely any hope. I was on my third sober house (after relapsing twice) and this program was recommended to me. In the Partial hospitalization program I learned to recognize addictive behaviors, and in Intensive Outpatient Program, I learned how to cope with these behaviors. Jill and Jen were the main councilors, and welcomed me with open arms. They were the most comforting, resourceful, and kind people I've met in a long time. Tomorrow I have six months sober. I couldn't have done it without this program. To anyone struggling with addiction whether it be poly-substances, opiates, other downers, stimulants, designer drugs, or all arounders, this program can save you from yourself. Once again, highly recommended. Thank you guys!!!! shoutout Kevin for reminding me to review this program

Jerry Mctear

I can’t adequately express how much of a difference compass recovery has made in my life. I went to them after relapsing and overdosing after having over two years of contrinued sobriety. One of my main fears about re-entering treatment was the judgment and the shame that I would have to deal with as a result of what happened but compass recovery centers not only didn’t judge me based on my past they helped me pave the way to a very promising future. The IOP sessions were professional, and the small size made me feel comfortable enough to open up about the issues that almost took my life. After being involved in recovery for over ten years and having worked at a different rehab I can honestly say that compass is doing things right. Thank you so much for helping save my life. Highly recommended!

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