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Be sure to bring…





Slippers and socks

Waterproof flip-flops

1-2 semi-formal outfits

5-7 days of casual outfits

Comfortable everyday shoes


Body wash



Hair brush/comb

Face/body lotion


Non-aerosol hair styling products

Prescription medications in original, labeled bottles

Toothbrush, toothpaste, & dental floss

Feminine hygiene products (if needed)


Proof of insurance

Social Security card

Emergency contact list

Driver’s license or State ID

Credit/debit card and/or cash

Feel free to bring…

A journal

Writing utensils

Recovery books

Stamps & envelopes

Pictures of loved ones

Cell phone, laptop, or gaming system

Contact information for family and/or sponsor

We do not allow...


Food or drinks

Aerosol products

Cleaning supplies

Nail polish or remover

Candles, incense, or diffusers

Knives, razor blades, or other sharp objects

Hygiene products that contain alcohol

Personal items that reference drugs, alcohol, violence, violence, or sex

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