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Prescription drug abuse is among the most common issues in the developed world, especially among teens and young adults. But whoever you are, whatever you’re taking, and why-ever you started, our prescription drug addiction treatment in King of Prussia PA is here to help you move past your addiction, into a fresh start.

Symptoms of Prescription Drug Addiction

There is a wide variety of prescription drugs on the market, and each of them have different effects on the body. You may need to consider prescription drug abuse if you notice:

Mood swings
Slowed breathing
Drowsiness or agitation
Increased sensitivity to pain
Changes in sleep patterns
Poor coordination or dizziness
Confusion or poor concentration
Unexplained high blood pressure

Side Effects of Prescription Drug Addiction

Watching for warning signs is crucial to any addiction. Early treatment can help prevent serious health effects, such as:

Heart disease
Breathing issues
Low or high blood pressure

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